On October 9th 2015, ENVISION has launched its comprehensive online portal that aims to serve new and existing entrepreneurs in Europe to innovate their businesses. The portal is at www.businessmakeover.eu.

The ENVISION Project Mission

SMEs are fundamental to economic stability and prosperity in Europe. For this reason, at ENVISION, we aim to empower European SME’s to innovate their business models.

“With the project we expect to find patterns and gain even deeper knowledge on how SMEs innovate. We see it as our mission to deliver clear executable management practice, geared towards SMEs. We strive to develop a platform and tools that are easy to understand and use, as well as offer practical examples of easy to implement changes in Business Models. Changes in the business logic of SMEs should make them less vulnerable for economic changes and more sustainable, as well as contribute to productivity and innovation in society.” – Harry Bouwman, ENVISION coordinator.

We begin this mission on October 9th with the launch of user-interactive business makeover portal. 

Portal Features

On ENVISION’s Tools Page, envisionaries can view, learn about, and download various business model innovation tools to use in their own business makeover.  In addition, on our Challenges’ page, users can learn about and participate in various European-wide business model innovation challenges.

Furthermore, envisionaries can stay informed by following our blog. Part of the ENVISION project is being ahead of the curve when it comes to new discoveries about SME business model innovation. In doing this, the ENVISION team both produces and consumes the latest academic research and movements in order to keep our envisionaries updated on the latest trends. We will use the blog as a way of communicating new trends and developments as they emerge.

However, above all, the most important feature of the portal is the Community Page. Part of the ENVISION mission is fostering the online SME community. And we have designed our platform to do just that. Here envisionaries can meet, network, and learn from other envisionaries, and contribute to the ENVISION community.

To be a part of the ENVISION project, visit www.businessmakeover.eu .