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Peer to Peer, otherwise known as collaborative consumption is an economic model based on sharing, swapping, trading or renting of products and services. This allows consumers to have access to goods or products without ownership. Ebay is a very well-known example of this.
Businesses that utilize the peer to peer model often serve as a connecting platform that brings consumers together and facilitates the transaction for a fee.

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More Than a Strategy!

Peer to Peer or collaborative consumption has recently emerged as a social movement that advocates for sustainability in business and a modest consumerist culture. .



AirBnB is an online booking service that allows people to post and rent out their living space as vacation homes in locations all over the world.

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For The SME

This model is often based and implemented through online platforms that facilitate sharing between users. One example of this is Kanga Ride at https://local.kangaride.com/. This Canadian based company connects commuters with each other in what they call ridesharing.