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Businesses that recognize a two-sided market, function as a platform that connect two sides of a market. For example, a credit card is a platform between a consumer and a merchant. Or a videogame console (like Sony) connects videogame players and videogame makers.

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The Key To Success

The key to modeling this strategy is to identify a missing connection between two sides of a market.


http://www. JCDecaux.com

JCDecaux is a French multinational corporation that connects advertisers with consumers.

It is the largest outdoor advertising company in the world and it is best known for its bus-stop, city bike rentals, and city furniture advertising.

For The SME

Sometimes small businesses not only function as a platform, but can also utilize such platforms to help their business.

For example, GrubHub at www.grubhub.com connects customers with local restaurants. Users order food through GrubHub. The site offers immediate online presence for local restaurants.